"Everything to do with Image!”
Karen is a graduate of the medical field of nursing. Her background includes experience in emergency room care, geriatric care, intensive care, and eventually working with physicians of facial plastic and reconstruction and dermatologists. A transition to the profession of modeling changed things as she was encouraged to enter a Chicago
pageant. She is a firm believer in competition and has a great
appreciation for the growth that occurs as a result of this unique

Areas of work for more than 18 years include working with
professional make-up artists, photographers, modeling in print
advertising, fashion shows, movies and commercials. This experience led her to her own skin care and make-up line.

As an owner of "Lea Image Studio," a retail service business
featuring, "Everything to do with Image!, Lea Skin Care and
Cosmetics and Lea Modeling and Talent Consultants." Her love for photography, black and white and color, with all the image enhancements is a reflection of this art. Her business motto is "There is something special about you and it has everything to do with  looking and feeling beautiful."

She is married to Chris Cline and is the mother of three children, stepmother of  two and a proud grandmother. She was a finalist at the  nationally televised "Mrs. America Pageant" and is the 1998 Mrs.  Illinois America. As a title holder she has had several pageant judging and speaking opportunities. They include Y-me Breast Cancer Awareness, Rett Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, and Christian youth groups. Her diagnosis of a chronic and very confusing disease, called Sarcoidosis, has led her to encourage doctors and others through the difficult health process.  
"There is something special about you and it has everything to do with looking and feeling beautiful."

Lea Image Studio,  1345 Carlisle Drive,  Barrington, IL 60010  847.382.6640